Prototyping Future TV, Web & Mobile Experiences


Insight & Strategy

We work to understand how audiences interact with content and create a strategy for our clients that adopts relevant trends and opportunities to reach customers in the most natural and effective ways.

Prototyping & Validation

We build prototypes in order to bring ideas to life and connect them with real users. Our suite of UX and research tools allow us to continuously build, measure and improve ideas till we know we have something customers will really want.

Coaching & Support

We can help businesses measure, plan, design, develop and market their solutions. Our team of experts can work alongside you, providing tailored support using agile and lean development methodologies to suit your company needs.


"HaaYaa created our business strategy and prototype, supporting us throughout the development of our mobile app. We are now ready to approach Amazon who are very interested in our algorithm."

— Janja Song, Marketing Director, Emotivu

"HaaYaa ran workshops to help our post graduate Master's students incorporate design thinking and Lean UX strategies into their business ideas. We have now decided to integrate their workshops and teaching about Lean Start Up into our design, business and IT courses."

— Catherine Morel, Head of Business Innovation, Kingston University

"HaaYaa created fast, responsive and amazingly interactive prototypes for our mobile payment solution. We had a fantastic demo ready for investors to look at in less than 6 weeks, including three rounds of user validation. Totally awesome!"

— JC Fantechi, Managing Director, MeePay Solutions Limited

Our Work

About Us

HaaYaa! analyses emerging trends and market opportunities then builds and continually improves prototypes of great ideas till they prove to be a successful service or product. We love working with clients who like to challenge the status quo and make a difference in the TV, Web and Mobile world. If this sounds like you, Contact us today!


Eewei is a technology futurist, agilist and lean design philosopher who has worked in the new media creative industry since 1993. Rumours are, he created the first animated gif and designed the first secure online musical distribution service, before itunes! Previously Eewei was design lead at Microsoft, Creative Director at Conchango, Creative Director at ThoughtWorks UK and Solutions Design Director at British Sky Broadcasting (BSKYB).

Eewei loves speaking and running workshops in the design, lean start up, technology and agile communities like Future of Web Apps 2011 & 2012, Agile 2011 & 2012 co-producing the UX stage at Agile 2012. He also mentors at start up events including Lean Startup Machine and Start Up Weekends around the world. His blog can be found here: Twitter: @Ultraman


COLIN DAVIES, Creative Director
Colin is a highly experienced creative director, with over 10 years working within the creative industries delivering consistently vibrant and cutting-edge work for a variety of organisations and across a wide range of media. His client list includes a number of leading, multi-stakeholder institutions in the transport, educational, arts and healthcare sectors including the Go Ahead Group, Newcastle Airport, Newcastle University, Northumbria University, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary, The Barbican and the NHS.

Recently, Colin has directed large-scale projects across a number of different creative disciplines and his experience includes producing highly successful marketing campaigns for international film festivals; through to complex, web-based, generative branding programming for red-brick universities; via nationally lauded design exhibitions, huge public art installations across numerous locations for progressive local authorities, and the visual repositioning and rebranding for one of the UK's leading transport organisations.


Karthik Nallamothu, Artificial Intelligence & machine learning
Over 4 years of Industry experience working as NLP Specialist in executing projects in the areas of Natural Language Processing , Machine Learning, Text mining, Recommendation Systems , Social media content Mining , Sentiment Analysis etc. Developed a high precision Email Text mining (Real time Auto Response) System. Two years of research experience as a Research Associate in The Language Technologies Research Centre as well as Centre for Data Engineering (CDE) labs at International Institute of Information Technology-Hyderabad (IIIT-H). The research included applying various NLP Techniques, text mining and Data mining algorithms and also efficient usage of Search and Information Retrieval techniques for solving various Domain specific problems.

  • Natural Language Processing (Worked on Prominent NLP tools for unstructured text)
  • Machine Learning
  • Text mining
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Search technologies and Cluster Analysis
  • Web Data Harvesting
  • Data mining
  • Information Extraction / Entity Extraction
  • Social media User generated content mining
  • Ontology repository building
  • Crawlers
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Image

    DR SAVI S ARORA, Business Strategy Director
    Dr Savi has true commercial insight - In the 80s he was Head of Information at Nat Semi Corp/Datachecker & Nokia. During the 90s he worked as Head of Project Management for Computacenter and Unisys, managing rapid organisational and financial growth. He pioneered the development of best practice Intranets, analytics, competency development frameworks and effective delivery methodologies. Projects delivered since 2001 include pioneering the development of early Apps for '3', national rollout of eLearning for NHS (1.5m empoyees), CRM strategy for Investors In Peoples ((for 65,000 businesses)) and delivery of British Computer Society's 16,000 user ePortfolio system. He has also consulted for Sky and Microsoft.

    His expertise includes developing effective Social media strategies, Business Analytics, App prototyping techniques and Purposeful User testing strategies. Dr Savi is also a trained business workshop facilitator. Qualified with an MBA, PGDMS and PhD. He is passionate how the changing landscape for technology can be adapted to gain companies competitive advantage through a variety of adaptation techniques. His blog can be found here:


    JONATHAN YAP, Head of UX and Front End Development
    Jonathan has worked with mobile, social, design, and front-end as a brilliant front end developer and UX designer. Previously with Mobile Interactive Group, Techlightenment and mySpace, he has a lot of experience with startups including PouchThis!, BetStars, TronSquare and Emotivu. His website can be found here:


    CHLOE BARKER, Content Strategist
    Chloe is a content strategist, writer and trained Times journalist with excellent people management skills and fourteen years experience working across a plethora of brands, whether it be for social, digital, or mobile.

    She gets a real kick out of the creative exercise, maximising the user experience and delivering the best content to the end audience. With strong writing and leadership skills, she specialised in writing for the web, whether writing tone of voice documents, style guides, micro-sites, or planning complex websites with multiple audiences.


    • Strategy 100%
    • Design 100%
    • Html 5 / CSS100%
    • Development100%
    • Usability Testing100%
    • Agile and Lean coaching100%




    We love Userzoom! They help us help our clients optimize user experiences of websites and mobile Apps by offering on-demand software for remote user testing, true intent and benchmarking expertise.

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